March 10, 2008


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a lot has changed recently in my life. and I mean A LOT !

first of all I got really interesting job as well as helluva demanding. which makes me very happy with the first successes.still this isn’t even a beginning. life of an insurance agent is tough and tiring, but if carried on well may be very rewarding. this whole business isn’t for everyone, I think that not much people could manage this kind of duties. it’s totally like running your own enterprise. heck, this is my enterprise the difference is that I sell insurance products of the biggest insurance company on the world. sounds exciting, isn’t it ?

other than that couple of months ago… it’s almost a year now, to be honest, I dropped my hobby which was tabletop gaming. frankly, sometimes I miss this stuff and I’m planning on come back soon. but the scale of my gaming is going to be definitely smaller than it once was. as BROM said ‘once a gamer, always a gamer’, true words of wisdom hahah 😛

what else… I’ve met an interesting girl lately and I wonder how the things between us will look like in the nearest future. I hope it all goes well and I be happy.

ok, enough with this. I hope this time I write something more often than during the past few months when I wrote whole nothing. lolz

PS. go to the theatres and watch Sweeney Todd, definitely weird movie but definitely worth seeing. I cannot wait to see 10000 B.C. I feel this is going to be one helluva movie !


October 9, 2007

it’s been awhile…

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…since I updated my blog, doesn’t it ?

frankly, I wasn’t able to do so due to lack of the Internet connection. but from now on I hope I update the blog sometimes.

pues, hasta pronto 🙂

July 13, 2007


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another win by a polish volleyball players ! this time they have wiped out the US&A ! cheers ! 😀

July 12, 2007


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estaba mucho tiempo de silencio…

polacos han ganado ! el mejor equipo del mundo ! 3:2 con el equipo del Francia… GRACIAS !

TE echo de menos ! = I miss YOU !

YOU know who you are :*

June 29, 2007

hacer unas maletas

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I’m leaving Krakow in two days, so right now I’m packing my stuff to the bags, boxes, etc.

at last after six years I can change the place to live. the aim is to head Wroclaw and I do everything to make it possible. the first preparations have been met so less to worry about 😛

mierda ! ya vuelvo a hacer las maletas. tengo que hacer todo hoy, porque no tendré el tiempo mañana y las maletas no van a hacerse.

June 28, 2007

8.27 pm

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three chapters are finally finished ! and that means I’ve ended 3/4 of the whole thesis. the last part is supposed to be kinda pain in the ass. but right now I am on fire and no one is going to stop me 😆

thumbs up !

5.20 pm

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the end of painting !

I’m slightly late but hell with this. I finished the paintjob. prolly sub par but yet finished 😀

the last day it is

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so close and yet still far away…

this is supposed to be the last day of my two tasks which are still to finish – the thesis and the paintjob. I’m starting with the latter since there is not much time left. I have to take photos at 5 pm and the most challenging parts are yet to do. I hope I will manage to finish on time. cross your fingers, folks 😉

the thesis… ahhh ! I finished writing the three chapters, but only two are finished with the details. the third is still to polish, I mean to add the annotation texts and arrange the sub-chapters into the right order. I hope it won’t turn out sub par !

June 26, 2007

ice ice baby !

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two the same days in a row ? possible ? yes it is…

the last two days, I mean today and yesterday, I have spent mainly on working on my thesis. I want to finish the theoretical part until the week reaches its end. the deadline is the Friday but I give myself two days more to finish the job. definitely doable now !

I already spent about 10 hours this week and still the end is quite far. I think the additional 10-12 pages will do and I finally approach the desired end ! still some work to do after it, but the theoretical part will be finished.

I definitely need something heavy not to freak out. Hatebreed and Chimaira are keeping me alive and (almost) fully aware. today I’ve reached out some old Vanilla Ice LP and I tell you what – this is friggin’ awesome music – very energizing !

right now I’m listening to the freshest Offspring LP… that has like 4 years now. kinda amusing music. melikes ! 😉

the sadness engulfs me while I’m thinking I should have been right now to Wroclaw and party ! but the duties are the most important right now… hell no, I cannot believe I’ve wrote this kind of a bullshit 😆 the fact is that not much time has left… but I will make it up to me and my friends during the August and September. for sure !


Ana, gratz for finishing the studies ! :*

June 24, 2007

¡hispano soy!

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w00t !

today I received the TELC Certificate. I passed the Español B1 exam with the overall note of 2. which means VERY GOOD !

you don’t have the idea how happy I am !over two months of waiting for just two sheets of paper. and now I have them.

the overall percetange note is 81,33%. and guess what ? I did get 100% from the speaking part. hell yeah ! the worst part was, as I suspected, the listening – only 66,67%… 666 the number of the beast 😆

I see a nice progress since the probationary exam during the course two months before the main exam. I got the percentage note about 73% .

I am good, aren’t I ? 😉

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